rotavirus TEST

Rotavirus Test detects Rotavirus antigens in human feces

Materials in the kit:
1 Test Cassette
1 Pipette
1 Sample Collection Tube with Dilution Buffer
1 Instruction For Use


Sensitivity and Specificity

Sensitivity: 99,9%   Specificity: 99,0%


Test Features  
Product                    Rotavirus Test  
Test Type                 Cassette  
Sample Type          Feces  
Reading Time        10 min  
Kit Size                      40  






 Two colored lines are visible in ''C'' and ''T'' areas.

 Low concentration of Rotavirus antigen may cause a faint line in ''T'' area. Even such a faint line in ''T'' area should be regarded as ''positive''.




Only one colored line is visible in ''C'' area.




No colored line is visible or only one colored line is visible in ''T'' area; test should be repeated using a new test device.